The World Awareness Children’s Museum invites you to help us Burn the Note!

In 2005, museum leadership purchased the museum’s current home at 89 Warren Street. In 2011, we opened the newly renovated building and we have been there ever since.

In the 13 years that we’ve been in our home building, we’ve been paying off our mortgage. We are so close to owning our building outright, and we invite you to join us as we cross the finish line!

We still have $122,000 left on our mortgage – You can help!

Paying off our mortgage allows us to fully own our building and ensures the museum’s long-term financial stability. Not having to pay monthly for the mortgage will help us put that money into projects directly related to our mission of bringing our diverse world to children.

You can support this effort by making a donation of any size to our Burn the Note campaign today!